About Us

Welcome to the Naturally Smart Coffee store and thank you for supporting your school and the future of our planet. Buying our coffee encourages us to believe that you have a genuine desire not just to buy great coffee but also that you are willing to make choices and to take actions that work towards healing our planet and its peoples. 

We are keen for you to become part of our loyal team of Naturally Smart Coffee Project supporters and are committed to providing you with the best service, the best product and the best overall experience. We are actively seeking feedback, and suggestions to make this happen. Please take the opportunity to visit the Feed Back and Review pages.

Our coffee is ethically grown, sourced, traded and processed. We are working towards 100% sustainable packaging, seeking out the best practice solutions possible - our coffee capsules and packaging are the first 100% compostable, plant based capsules in the market.

Every cup of coffee you drink of ours is making a difference - the proceeds of sales go towards raising funds directly for your school, funding environmental and sustainable humanitarian projects through the Pop Foundation, and supporting your school in being part of the global Naturally Smart Schools network.  Part proceeds are donated to the Pop Foundation which is working actively to support the communities that supply the coffee as well as potential new suppliers.